This page is part of the old Basel Face Model from 2009, find most recent Basel Face Model here.

Example 3D Face Scans & Renderings

3D Face Scans

Ten registered example scans are provided for the usage in academic education and research. These individuals are not included in the training set of the BFM. The data can be downloaded as Matlab and PLY files.

example scans


As a standardized test and training set for face recognition algorithms, we provide 270 synthetic images (png, 768 x 1024 pixels each). These images are renderings of the ten registered example scans. For the renderings we used Phong shading with following parameters (for all color channels):

Projections of the feature point sets (Farkas and MPEG4) to the renderings of the example scans are included (occluded points are removed).

example renderings

Download the Scans & Renderings.